I am back

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper.ens.fr
Wed, 26 Apr 95 3:13:31 MET DST

Dear Joyous Tunespeople,
   I am writing you to tell you that I am back, and remind you that the
project is still alive.

   I've found many other OS project pages, that I pointed to in the TUNES
Review/OSes.html page, particularly the Aegis, Tigger, and OZ++ projects,
that are directly related to TUNES. More may come. Lots of papers to read
already. My ! That's a lot of work only to read what's being done.

   After that, I'll still have to write more TUNES WWW stuff, including
finishing that always incomplete WhyNewOS article, and explaining my
annotation and migration concepts.

   As for the HLL, I'll have to demonstrate how it can be built from a
GCed FORTH dialect, and that's a lot of trying and experimenting ahead. 

   Well, as for low-level TUNES work, I'm still putting together a
multi-assembly FORTH-like kernel (written in multiple assembly languages
at all); when I'm done, I'll write some FORTH code to debug the low-level
I/O routines, then I'll have to implement simple swapping to disk, then
programmable GC, etc etc. That's a lot of work too.

   All this to say that there's a lot of work at all levels of development
(and more). Your help is always welcome. Release (or ?)
when there's enough material for it.

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