WWW Pages

Chris Harris chharris@u.washington.edu
Sat, 11 Feb 95 16:18:23 -0800


I I think I'm going to do a 100% re-vamp of the UI page (except the mail 
archive) next weekend, would you mind if I put off sending you the latest
version until then?  Central to its design will be a paper about the good
and bad things about current UIs, both from a user and programmer perspective.
I also need to expand the context of the subproject to discuss more of what
people ought to be able to do with computers, in addition to simply how they
go about doing this.

When you get the WhyNewOS paper in a form that you feel expresses most of your
broad-scale thoughts pretty well, please let me know.  I'd like to read,
comment and maybe proofread it, but I'd rather not take the time to do so
on a daily basis.  Perhaps you could also include the modification date at
the top, as you do with other TUNES pages....

I hope you're have a very good day!

PS - How did you go about learning English so well?  This is my third year or
speaking Spanish at school, and there's still so many things I don't know or
understand.  I suppose having an English-biased 'net would help you learn
faster.  My first experience surrounded by non-English people is coming up
this spring, when our Spanish class goes to Costa Rica.  Should be neat....