Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper.ens.fr
Wed, 15 Feb 95 1:40:40 MET

   I've set up a zip distribution of the archive. I hope it's ok. It's
available by ftp from ftp://frmap711.mathp7.jussieu.fr/pub/scratch/rideau/
(also pointed to in the WWW page as the ftp site).
   The file is tunesdoc.zip; tunesbin will eventually contain the tunes
binaries, tunesarc the mailing-list archive; tunessrc the sources from the
project. A INSTALL file explains how to unpack the archive using unzip.
   I'll mail it uuencoded to anyone who asks, and will also regularly mail
patches (or new "releases") to anyone who will ask me.

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