Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper.ens.fr
Wed, 15 Feb 95 4:06:45 MET

Ok, here is the news from the HLL project:
* The requirements are settled (only minor modifications).
 Still got no feedback since Rainer's. Is it ok ?
 I suggest you all look at it.
* The basic semantics are quite settled. I propose the rest comes into
separate standard library modules.
* I have no idea about the syntax. Of course, we may have automatic syntax
translation, but we still need a standard syntax, or at least a bootstrap
  I suggest we take an existing syntax, so that nothing unfamiliar is done.
I propose Dylan syntax, an OO LISP revamp without Lots of Insipid and
Stubborn Parentheses, that Apple and CMU propose to replace C/C++, as it's
clean, and may become a new standard, while being a good language.
Any suggestion ?
* I also suggest that HLL be built as a natural extension of a FORTH-like
LLL. Why not use plain mostly ANSI FORTH as the LLL ??? Or perhaps postscript
(well, no. PostScript needs a revamp as for binding, and it's proprietary).

P.S.: As for those who cannot consult the WWW page, I remind you I can send you
a copy than you can consult locally using any html viewer (including mosaic,
mosilla/netscape, emacs W3 mode, lynx).

BTW, the WhyNewOS paper has been divided into parts and put in a different
subdirectory. The first part is finished, the second is still to reformat and
end, while the third part and conclusion is still a draft.

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