Charter and Organization

Francois-Rene Rideau
Tue, 18 Jul 95 9:15:04 MET DST

Dear Joyous Tunespeople,
   I've been remarked that the "new" Tunes Charter has still not been approved
(I received no reply to my January 14 mail), and that the list of project
members was completely out of date.

   So here is a new poll to project members, modified from the january poll.
*********** Identity ***********
** Name:
** E-Mail address:
** Auxiliary network addresses:
** Physical address:
** Phone Number:
** Birth day (as the age changes every year !):
** Network capabilities available:
** Work/Study situation:

*********** Computer Background ***********
** computer languages fluently spoken (in order of decreasing interest):
** languages I'd like to know:
** The languages I'd like Tunes' HLL to be like:
** Date of subscription to the project:
** political *computer* opinions:
** Architectures/OS combination I can work on:

*********** Parts of the system I'm ready to develop: ***********
** New protocols I'd like to design:
** Existing protocols I'd like to implement:
** Architectures I'd help write the low-level stuff for:

*********** Parts of the system I'm eager others to develop: ***********
** New protocols I'd like to see designed:
** Existing protocols I'd like to see implemented:
** Architectures I'd like the system to be ported to:

*********** Project Management ***********
** How much I am available:
** How I think the project could be organized and managed better:
** How often I read the WWW pages:
** How I think they could be improved:
** Sub-project I'm ready to manage:
** How I think the poll could be enhanced:

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