Self 4.0

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr.
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 10:46:34 -0300

Hi, people!

I think I forgot to post on this list that the Self group announced
the fourth version of their language on July 10. You can read all
about it at:

     <a href=>Self Language</a>

I know that few ( if anybody ) on this list have the resources to
run this baby, but I would recomend getting the documentation and
taking a look at it. For those interested in user interfaces, the
manuals "How to Program Self 4.0" and specially "Morphic: The Self
User Interface Framework" will be helpful.

And Rainer, if you thought Mango was cool just take a look at
"Abstract Syntax Structure Editing and TypeBrowsing for Self"!

Have fun,
-- Jecel