Jecel Assumpcao Jr
Thu, 08 May 1997 08:01:41 -0300

>    I do believe that Reflection and Meta-Programming
> are the future of Computing in general, and Operating Systems in particular.
> Only they are not ready technology yet,
> and that'd be a waste that everyone wait for them before to begin coding.
> I'll be working on making them (freely) available,
> and will appreciate any help you can give me about that,
> together with any idea (or code) you have about software features
> that an innovative system ought to support.
>    Meanwhile, I invite you code in CLOS an integrated OO environment,
> which LispOS offers us to develop *now*.
> When I have a Reflective Language with Invariants,

Wasn't the "Art of MOP" all about CLOS? It might not be system level
reflection like Tunes, Merlin or Apertos but it sounds to me
like an excelent start (I have never used it myself, so I am
guessing). With a little imagination, CLOS MOP might let you
turn LispOS into a reflective OS without the others even noticing
it :-)

BTW, I am in the lispos mailing list, but none of the messages I
send seem to make it there (I confirmed this by checking the
web pages). I don't get any errors either.  

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