Don't Panic !!!

Thomas M. Farrelly
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 23:05:51 +0100

I have the meta translator (TML).

I have used it to write a simple OO language (TOOL) - with _total_
reflection - naturally.

( the roaring of the crowd seize. I continue ... :)

I won't lie to you - TOOL isn't entirely finnished. It's bootstrapped
but I haven't gotten around to implementing numbers, conditional
branches and loops. If anyone would like to help?

>From this experience I have leaned:

The nice features and properties that you require of TUNES is there for
the taking, once you have the meta translator. For example, there's
always someone complaining that this and that language has some very
nice abstraction thingie, like monads or higher order functors, that
some other language lacks. In TUNES that isn't a problem, because if
it's not there and you want it - create it - and it's there!

And Brian is up to it! Consider getting a syntax for expressing your

If you want to check it out - say so. 

Now - PANIC !!!

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