New Project Coordinator Introduction

Pat Wendorf
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 00:48:53 -0500

Hello Tunes Project,

I'd like to start by introducing myself.  I am the current
project coordinator for the UniOS project (URL listed below), and
now the new project coordinator for Tunes.  The caretakers for
this project (Fare, and Tril) have found the need for someone to
fill this position, as the project has never had a real

One question you might ask is: Why would someone, who is the
coordinator of another project want to help with Tunes?  The
answer is complex, but it comes down to a sharing of ideas and
people for both projects, and the fact that both projects have
similar goals.  I have not, by far, given up on the UniOS
project,  I believe this move makes the UniOS project stronger,
as well as Tunes.

My job for the time being, is to hear what you think is wrong or
right with Tunes, and how we can make it better.  As the
coordinator, I have already started looking into
changing/simplfying one aspect of the project: The web page.  The
web page is the public face of the Tunes project.  The first
thing anyone who stumbles upon the project will see, is probably  What I propose is a simplification of the layout
and possibly the information presented.  This of course is a huge
undertaking, but I have taken the liberty of getting some web
page professionals to asses the current page, and give feedback
on what can be done.  This may be a little step, in solving some
of the small problems Tunes, as a project, might have, but many
agree it's a step in the right direction.  There will also now be
a person, who you can talk to, who has a good chance of getting
things, you think are not going well, or could be improved,

I'm only here to help, and I know some of you have concerns for
the project, so... lets hear em.

Pat Wendorf
UniOS Group
ICQ: 1503733