Reflection, have you read this?

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 21:44:06 -0800

>There was a text I read while browsing the reflection page, that I
>did found interesting some weeks ago. I was trying to find it back from our
>page today but I stumble on to many bad links or less interesting things.
>I finally made an altavista-search on:+componential +reflection and easily
>found it back
>I think it is near the kind of reflection implementation needed for Tunes.

Yes, this might be a good distinction to draw: that between symbol-level
reflection and knowledge-level reflection.  Although the version of the
hypertext tree was without formulae (due to my ship's LAN managers'
paranoia and despite Tril's and my own efforts), it is obvious that the
authors have caught on to a specialized application of the ideas we are
working with.  I'm going to study this much further to see how it would
work in a homo-iconic environment with a much richer set of mathematical
logics to draw on for reasoning.  Just about everything they mention
will help us in one way or another.