web page "corrections"

Dan Bethe dtm@hex.net
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 22:59:28 -0600 (CST)

	As a linguist and as a professional (hehahahehe) I must suggest
that we must upgrade the use of profanity and slander in our web site.  I
went to look at www.tunes.org tonight, hoping to learn something.  And of
course I did because Fare is so cool.  But he's one heck of a cynic.  And
a LOT of people don't have the most fun/useful/productive/happy impression
	Some think we're crackpots.  I like that.  But here are some
	Here is a URL.  Then, in "s/search/replace" format from UNIX's
'ed', some upgrades.  Current excerpt | New. 


* remove "lame" and "sucks".  certainly no more FUCK.  <eyeballs turn to Fare>
* s/lame/flat

C is a truely lame language
Even though it's been lovingly chastised as the portable assembler (with
buggy specifications), C deserves its own rank of human achievement, in
its balance between the optimal and the practical. 
[s/However, i/I]

C is a lame language which (like Pascal) does not know dynamic creation of
objects, and thus forces people to statically define variables that will
be modified instead. 
Like Pascal, C can be viewed as a flat language, which does not know.....
[s/How it sucks!//]