KUT 0.4 (doesn't work yet - keybozrd interrupts might be not seen)

Basile STARYNKEVITCH Basile.Starynkevitch@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 22:40:00 +0200 (CEST)

Hello All,

KUT 0.4 is on http://perso.wanadoo.fr/starynkevitch/basile/kut_0_4.tgz 
There is also the nightly snapshot (kutsnap.tgz) - currently the same
73936 tar gzipped file.

I need help. On my machine, I don't get any keyboard interrupts. But
Faré seems to get them on his machine. I double-checked the interrupt
code (kutx86.S & kutinter.c) but it should work....

My motherboard is an ASUS (T55P4?) board, with a Pentium200MMX. I'm
running Linux (2.0.35 &2.1.119) without problems and also Tinos &

Does any one know URLs related to low level hardware (and driver
programming) about motherboards and PC architecture.

I need help from a hardware or low-level software guru.

Basile STARYNKEVITCH - 8 rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 BOURG LA REINE (France)
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