KUT 0.4 (doesn't work yet - keybozrd interrupts might be not seen)

William Tanksley btanksley@hifn.com
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 14:26:37 -0700


> I need help. On my machine, I don't get any keyboard interrupts. But
> Faré seems to get them on his machine. I double-checked the interrupt
> code (kutx86.S & kutinter.c) but it should work....

Why don't you take a look at the Dolphin kernel, at
http://dolphin.openprojects.net?  It's tiny, very well written (using NASM and
C), and appears to work.  I don't believe that the currently posted version has
a keyboard driver (we're waiting for that until we have a finished
library/driver/component manager); however, it definitely recieves keyboard

Dophin is a useful and expedient system.  :-)

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