Retro update

Emmanuel Marty
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 22:26:07 +0200

Hi Tom,

Sorry for not replying faster to your two posts. I did look at
the original tree and the updates when you announced them though.

First, congratulations for your progress, there's much more in
it than the first time we discussed it on IRC and that was only
a few months ago.

I'll make a new tree of Clementine available sometime soon; it's
much more advanced than what you saw also. Even does proper
multithreading now, can be source-debugged with gdb across a
serial link, and has a standard filesystemish access interface
to component properties a la plan 9.

I didn't mention that in the list ever, so I will: I participate
a little to the Bochs project (; a notable addition
I did (from an idea by Andreas Beck) is to have all output written
to I/O port 0xE9 show up on the shell bochs was started from - it's
very useful for very low level debugging. Just compile bochs with
--enable-port-e9-hack and you can use it :) I hope this helps
you sometime. It sure is useful for debugging a scheduler when you
don't want to clutter your runtime debugger screen with information
on what is being dispatched, etc. (clementine has a syslog
component for logging to the bochs console).

Do you need any help on your project? I don't have much time outside
Clementine but if I can be of any help.. I want to hope I know a little
bit about the lowest layers of implementation now.

BTW if you ever want to load compressed modules, feel free to use
the gunzip() code from clementine :)