[unios] Re: Everyone chill

Pat Wendorf beholder@ican.net
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:20:09 -0400

Alan Grimes wrote:

> I subscribed to the "TUNES the OS Project Mailing list". I have little to say
> about programming languages at this point. Those are issues of mortar  and
> cement versus tar or bolts. I look at Operating systems from the point of view
> of the kind of building I am trying to create, not the materials. While this
> Arrows concept may have relevance to the arctitecture It is not, however,
> something that I am qualified to work on yet. I eagerly await the final version
> of arrows so I can have it laser printed and to add it to my collection of
> materials to review. If Tunes is evolving into a language project I say FINE! At
> least it isn't dying!
> As far as I know, the Unios project has already been combined with the tunes
> project.

Hmm... I'm not entirely sure on that point.  There are still quite a few differing
ideas on OS/Language etc....  We're not TUNES, we're UniOS.  The
ideas are similar, but at this point we are still separate groups, at least
in my opinion.  I help Tunes with what I can, and Tril sure as hell helped
me out with the hosting and such, but there has been no formal move
to merge projects, or even a formal agreement that we are essentially
the same goal, in different projects.  I'm think the other UniOS members
who follow the Tunes project would agree with this.  If not, please
say so.

My goal in starting the project has always been a
"better OS for everyone"  (TM).  I guess I was a little optimistic with that,
but I'm still here to write a good (new) OS, based on some good ideas,
and with the future in mind.

> I will post further messages to " Unios@tunes.org ". So in summary we
> will have, at first, The UniOS project that supports the upcoming TUNES system
> later we will have the "TUNES based UniOS 2.0".

Like I said, I'm still not sure the ideas are the same... I always think of Tunes
structures being built on a UniOS system, not the other way around.  It's
probably because I don't understand the Tunes proposal fully, but I'm
sure it's possible.

> The unios list has been comatose
> reciently but I hope to see new ideas there. I intend to contribute to this
> myself by delivering a prototype OS and proposing it as the model for UniOS.

Hey, if it looks like UniOS and acts like UniOS, I'm willing to look at it :)
Just wish I knew what UniOS was a little better ;)

> In
> the mean time I could use some programming advice (as I can't code worth squat),
> I am having trouble determining how to link code togeather. I need to do this as
> any good OS needs to be dynamically linked. But I can't seem to figure out how
> to do this. I am using the 286 Realmode... So I could really use some help
> developing the linker/loader! :) pleeze.

I'm more of a Java/VB programmer... haven't done ASM in years.

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