This project is going nowhere

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 22:42:09 -0800

what are you going to do?  you've said that you have ideas similar to mine.
what about them?  can we work together or something, outside the group?

i'm sorry, but it disturbs me that you aren't going to support more than the
discussion.  you must see me as wasting my time.  of course, you know that
i've often thought about leaving the group.  this should be unsurprising,
since i joined the group just last october, and have avoided doing so for
the three years prior.

i was hoping for a big change in the group, and that i could somehow bring
that about with explaining my ideas.  your response just now suggests that
this will never happen.

it's also obvious that intellectual conservatism is going to stop this
project at every possible point.  we have too many people who look at the
building blocks given them by stodgy engineers, and say that this is enough.
these people say that there is no other paradigm of computing; that what
exists now is all that is needed.  it's just as obvious that i will never
convince many of these people otherwise.  if anyone would actually read the
entire paper through and try to understand what i'm saying, even if it's
poorly said, then i might have a chance here to get something useful done.

i just hate the fact that i've obviously wasted several months of my life
trying to change the minds of people who aren't interested in change,
although the pretend otherwise.  i'd also like to state that the project
"leadership" is a sham, since they should rename the project SchemeOS and be
content with it.  Tunes as a center for research pointers is a different
matter entirely, but is still entirely misguided given the idiotic fantasies
that this project engenders concerning "revolutions" in computing.