My goals

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 23:30:45 -0800

> I only got into this stuff last year (language/OS/hardware development,
> networks, distributed computing).  Before that, I ignored computers for a
> year or so; I was sick of them.  Previously I was a C programmer (I even
> took a course in it) and I worked on mostly 3D and sound stuff, and before
> that, computer mischief.  I didn't even finish high school, and I've been
> through two years of college without taking any CS courses.  Now I've
> managed to get into some pretty advanced stuff, in spite of my lack of CS
> knowledge.
you don't even research anything?  you don't consider anyone's ideas who
doesn't make the "bestseller's list" at your favorite commercial bookstore?

> No I don't believe in Artificial Intelligence.  Even if it's possible, I
> won't trust it.  Sure it's very intriguing, but it's a joke right now, a
> game.  I hope you all realize the limitations of mathematics and
> computers... you can't achieve perfection.  Just think "Godel, Church,
> Turing..." :)
you closed-minded fool!  you can't even figure out the limitations of their
models of computation!  right now, hardware is being built that can perform
instantaneous computations.  eventually, more than an infinite number of
computations will be possible at a continuous rate!  just because no one
_first order_ theory can account for all of mathematics does not mean that
we should be content with what we have!  on the contrary, modern
mathematical researchers and logicians look for ways to create and analyze
different theories all the time, many of the _non-intuitive_.  i mean
different kinds of set theory, different kinds of logic, different kinds of
algebra systems, different kinds of topologies, etc.  can't you even
recognize those?

> As for Tunes... there's a split between the "write the damn OS" people and
> the "design the framework first" people (Fare seems to straddle the line).
> I like Alan's idea of building Tunes on top of UniOS.  UniOS could be the
> pragmatic side, providing useful things like persistent storage.  In that
> case, why don't I join UniOS and transform Retro into UniOS.  I should
> just
> stay out of the bleeding-edge computer science mumbo jumbo for awhile. 
> Eventually, after I've studied more 'real math', Hofstadter, etc, maybe
> I'll
> understand you guys.  I'm not leaving Tunes, just getting my priorities
> straight.
mumbo jumbo?  hofstadter?  you think reading hofstadter will help you
understand the discussion?  can't you think for yourself, instead of
disagreeing with everything that you hear?  can't you give me a chance?
can't you even look at the references on the Tunes review pages?

> Hope this clears things up.
it certainly does.  you're exactly the same as the "establishment" that you
perceive; you're merely part of the establishment of people who are not open
to new ideas in science and math.  you're a person who learns like a
spoon-fed baby.