This project is going [multiple directions, mistaken for a lack , of direction.]

June Kerby
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:00:03 -0500 (CDT)

> [something about organization of the TUNES project]
yeah, okay. (:-))

> > what are you going to do?  you've said that you have ideas similar to mine.
> > what about them?  can we work together or something, outside the group?
Brian, please stop threatening to leave the group. There are lots of
open-minded people around here... I for one am interested in your ideas.

> Even though this wasn't directed at me, I'd like to answer in the
> affirmative, because *I* still want to work together.
you would consider working outside the project as working "together"? 

> > i'm sorry, but it disturbs me that you aren't going to support more than the
> > discussion.  you must see me as wasting my time.  of course, you know that
> > i've often thought about leaving the group.  this should be unsurprising,
> > since i joined the group just last october, and have avoided doing so for
> > the three years prior.
> > 
> > i was hoping for a big change in the group, and that i could somehow bring
> > that about with explaining my ideas.  your response just now suggests that
> > this will never happen.
> GMOL overreacted to Tom's personal project, Retro, mistaking it to be
> the direction of TUNES as a whole.  In fact it is ONE of the directions.
> But that's not important- why were you ever trying to change anyone else's
> thinking?  You can't do it, nobody can.  Everyone is responsible for their
> own mind, any alternative is mind control.  No wonder you run up against a
> wall.
hmm, i don't suppose you've ever heard of _persuasion_ ?

> > if anyone would actually read the
> > entire paper through and try to understand what i'm saying, even if it's
> > poorly said, then i might have a chance here to get something useful done.
> I haven't read it yet. I'm guilty. However, I'm going to read it now.
me too... 

> This project is not "falling apart."  It's exactly where it should be.
agreed. that is, it serves as a medium for people to communicate their ideas.
that's probably all this project will ever be anyway, because once a basic
true TUNES system is bootstrapped, it will probably be so easy to build on
it that a large programming team will probably not be required at all.

- Brent Kerby ("Iepos")