What should I do about Arrow and Tunes?

Maneesh Yadav cj@utpulse.com
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:18:41 -0500

Brain, it was not my intent to get u to leave the group!  You are not dragging
down the group or anything like that, discussing these ideas is very important,
and I understand your passion about them. We just need some explaining, and it
is expecting too much of the Tunes community to make a system by figuring it out
by scanning through loads of email, the problems based on interpetiation could
arise, and we need some standard refrence. Some people in this group are mainly
coders, and don't have a solid background in theory.  I feel that the tutorial
should be written in a way that assusmes very little knoledge in formal theory,
we can can help out a lot of joiners who don't have a solid background in theory
by introducing these concepts to them.

 You sound a little frusturated, I understand, but I think the difference
between a crank and a successful mind is just that; frustration, so avoid it
(it's very hard I know) and you will enjoy life more.  I don't mean to insult
you, but I've only caught bits and pieces of the arrow theory, and since I
haven't seen many solid examples, I have to be a little questionable as to how
it will help the Tunes project.  We must come up with something that can be
understood by everyone in order for people to use it.

It shouldn't take too long to come up with something that can be understood by
many people.

How about this:
You give me an informal collection of the emails that you have sent and do your
best to put them in some sort of pedagological order.  Write anything else you
wish.  Let me review it, and once I understand it, I will write the tutorial and
we can both look it over together, and then release it to the Tunes community.
I don't mean to sound like I'm some big all know arbitrator, but having someone
else express your ideas will show just how solid they are, and I feel that I am
pretty good at expressing complex ideas so that people can understand them.

Take it easy,

"RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2" wrote:

> I know that I've been leaving lots of people behind in the group, but I feel
> _driven_ to develop the system to its final outcome.  Now that someone has
> spoken about their frustrations with my efforts, I can't ignore this effect
> I've been having on the group any longer.  And, yes, I've noticed how the
> conversation has been worn thin.  Am I that terrible a member?
> Is there another OS-like project which has a membership which could help me
> better? I doubt it.  If someone understood the _entire_ Arrow system
> intuitively as I do, but could also use laymen's terms, a skill that I have
> (purposefully) forgotten, then I could focus on the Arrow development within
> a smaller, isolated group without disturbing the general Tunes group, and
> simultaneously assist in explaining Arrow as necessary.  However, I don't
> see that I will be able to support both efforts simultaneously.
> Perhaps I could instead drop out of the group and continue private
> conversations with the people who can understand it, since I seem to have
> lost relevance with the average member.  Socially, I seem to have moved away
> from the herd, and the change seems neither bad nor good.
> I do, however, have a clear understanding (I believe) of where the Arrow
> system is going and how it will eventually reach Tunes-bootstrapping
> capability and some level beyond that which I can't identify, something that
> the group doesn't seem to have done.  I don't mean to be arrogant, but I
> believe that I have ideas which Tunes can benefit from, and Tunes has
> members who can understand my goals.  Both are rare things for either side,
> and I'd like to make a better relationship for us both.
> Any suggestions? (the usual pointless begging)
> Would anyone help me?
> Does anyone GIVE A DAMN about what I have to say any longer?
> Please help me, because the agony of having these ideas without the ability
> to express them to everyone and see them become reality is going to drive me
> insane.  Can you imagine how terrible it would be if I died in the Persian
> gulf with no one to make these ideas real?  I have so much of my life
> invested in this that for all of it to go to waste would drive me to
> suicide.