What should I do about Arrow and Tunes?

Billy Tanksley btanksley@hifn.com
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:16:54 -0800

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> "RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2" wrote:
> Brian, you may think that once you get some part of your arrow system
> up
> and running, you'll just post it to this group, and people say "Gee,
> what a greate system, let's use it for tunes !!!". A few months back,
> I
> posted an interpreter to a few members, including you, and there were
> close to no replies - no discussion. This system, TML\TOOL, features
> _total_reflection_ in the simplistic wrapping of true OO, with all the
> shit and possiblilities so well required by TUNES, but still it got
> less
> attention than you're parents at a stones concert. What is wrong with
> people here? Are we, like, working on something or what?
	I agree with you in general -- I'm not happy with the tendancies
of the Tunes project, aside from a research base for other OSes.  It
seems that the only thing that'll come out of it is help for people
actually implementing OSes or subparts thereof.

	However, I didn't see your post.  Perhaps that was one of the
times I was too busy and had to delete everything non-work or school

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