coordinating efforts..

Alan Grimes
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 12:38:42 -0800

Pat Wendorf wrote:
> > Find out what people are working on, and how seriously. What
> > looks promising? What's special about each one? What do they have in common?
> *****************************
> Ok, this is a message to all Tunes and related members:
>         1)      What are you working on.

A. universal domination
   I. the best OS in eggzistance
        a. prototype of above 
	      1. specs of above 
	          - IPC protocols for above

>         2)      How serious are you about your project.

More serious than I sound! (my lyfe's work!)

> Why not take a vote right now:  Those of you who wish for the
> page to change over to the new format, please say so.

I offer guarded approval, condition: the lynx compatable heritage is preserved. 
PC hardware is foobar; get an alpha!