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Pat Wendorf
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 08:15:55 -0400

Rafael Kaufmann wrote:

> For everyone who was at #tunes earlier this evening, when I told them
> about the article I'd written concerning UIs and regular people: it's at
> .
> It has caused quite a bit of discussion. Comment if you will - be it by
> personal email or on the list. (By the way, what list do you think is
> more appropriate - this one or cybernethics?)

I think what you say is valid, but I don't think it should be taken to the
measure of getting rid of PC's for the masses...  I know many
"non-technical" people, who are friends of mine, who don't know a damn thing
about networking or hardware, but could setup their own NIC's and TCP/IP
settings (under win95) if they wanted to play LAN Quake. I'm not sure about
you, but the first network I setup was difficult as hell. This experience,
rather than frustrating them, actually sparked something in them, and now
they want to know more about it (because the end result was not only the
game, but the accomplishment).  One of these non-techies is even learning
enough about Linux to setup a dedicated game server...  I think the drive
for people to enjoy their hardware (and the software that runs on it), seems
to push the non-techies into learning for the sake of improving their

The nature of humans is to adapt, not to just accept their situation.
People can adapt to any UI, given the proper amount of time and need.

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When a perfect program is not available a good one will be.
When a good program is not available, one what works will be.
When a program that works is not available, something that everyone uses
will be.
And so ensues chaos...