An Unconventional, Nifty, and Eclectic Proprosal

Jim Little
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 17:12:47 -0600


Although I've only been participating in the TUNES list this year, I've
been lurking off and on for nearly four years.  As long as anyone here
other than Fare, I imagine.  In that time, I've seen a lot of good
discussion.  But I haven't seen much in the way of progress towards a
working implementation TUNES.

On the other hand, a lot of good stuff has been accomplished.  The TUNES
members are involved in a variety of interesting projects:

binEng's game
Tril's object system

All are unconventional, nifty, and (as a whole) quite eclectic.  :)

TUNES has accomplished far more as a meeting place for gifted minds than
it has as an operating system project.  I suggest that we recognize this
de facto reality and take advantage of it.  The TUNES list contains a
lot of smart people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and goals. 
Altogether, it's a lousy formula for a successful unified project.  ;) 
Why not turn TUNES' liability into its best trait?  Let's make TUNES a
meeting place where people can discuss ideas, request help, and discuss
flaws without fear of censure or mockery.  We're 90% of the way there
already... we just need to recognize TUNES' real strengths and take the
final step.

I propose that we give TUNES a new name and charter:

Tunesters are an Unconventional, Nify, and Eclectic Set

TUNES is a place for people with unconventional computing ideas to
gather and discuss their ideas in a friendly, nurturing environment.

To become a member, agree to the following terms:

 . Acknowledge that all Tunesters' ideas are equally valuable, even if
they conflict with or are not as epic as your own.

 . Ask for criticism and help only if you are willing to provide the
same for others.

 . When criticizing, attempt to fully understand the thing being
criticized.  If something seems irrational, spend extra effort to
understand why it is that way.  Be helpful, not confrontational.

 . When criticized, do not immediately assume the critic doesn't
understand your work.  Provide additional explanation if necessary, but
also keep your mind open for potential flaws and improvements to your

 . When speaking, recognize that communication requires effort on the
part of the speaker as well as the listener.  If your listener doesn't
understand, try to explain yourself better.

 . When listening, recognize that communication requires effort on the
part of the listener as well as the speaker.  If you don't understand,
ask questions and open your mind to unusual ideas.

 . Recognize that insults are an admission of failure.  Never insult
other Tunesters.  Work out personal differences calmly and in private.

 . Agree to render reasonable assistance to the maintenance of the TUNES
infrastructure (mailing list, IRC channel, etc.) when asked by someone
who devotes more effort to the task than yourself.

 . Recognize when it's time to leave the nest.  When your ideas become
successful and accepted, don't monopolize the discussion.  Take them to
a dedicated forum... but continue to use TUNES to discuss unconventional
new ideas.

What do you think?