An Unconventional, Nifty, and Eclectic Proprosal

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 02:03:22 +0200

>: Jim Little

> Although I've only been participating in the TUNES list this year, I've
> been lurking off and on for nearly four years.
> As long as anyone here other than Fare, I imagine.
I'd say Jecel was here before you [hi, Jecel!].
Maybe silent other people, too.

> In that time, I've seen a lot of good discussion.
> But I haven't seen much in the way of progress towards a
> working implementation TUNES.
Mea culpa.

> TUNES has accomplished far more as a meeting place for gifted minds than
> it has as an operating system project.
That's better than nothing.

> Why not turn TUNES' liability into its best trait?  Let's make TUNES a
> meeting place where people can discuss ideas, request help, and discuss
> flaws without fear of censure or mockery.
NO! There's already for discussion of generic OS ideas.

I strongly oppose any motion to make TUNES less than it already it.
TUNES has a strong identity, diluting it would be EVIL.
Re-read my reply to ESR about that:
Focused Mindshare is precisely what makes a project valuable.

If you don't like TUNES as a system project, leave it.
CyberSpace is a cheap resource.
If your ideas are incompatible with those professed here, that's fine:
go homestead your own distinct area.
If you have something better to propose, people will no doubt follow you.

>  . Acknowledge that all Tunesters' ideas are equally valuable, even if
> they conflict with or are not as epic as your own.
FOO! All ideas are differently valuable.
No two ideas are equal, except if they're the same (duh!).

>  . When criticizing, attempt to fully understand the thing being
> criticized.
Time is precious. Meta-criticizing ideas to select on which to spend time
is necessary to not waste time on stupid ideas.

> If something seems irrational, spend extra effort to
> understand why it is that way.  Be helpful, not confrontational.
If something seems irrational, question it.
No time to waste. Only heed rational arguments.

The rest is ok. But it's not about a charter, it's about savoir-vivre.
A Charter is about Law, not about Ethics.

I don't want such proposals anymore on
If you want generic OS discussions in a context not dominated
by Tunes as an implementation project of which I'm patriarch,
go to;
if you want to discuss the difference between Law and Ethics,
between rationality and irrationality,
go to;
if you think I'm a tyrant,
go out of

Consider this as a ultimatum.
To succeed, we need more focus , not less.
This is not a nursery for new projects, but a grown-up project already.

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