UI idea: MOOOS :)

Pat Wendorf beholder@ican.net
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 19:33:33 -0500

"Thomas M. Farrelly" wrote:

> Alan Grimes wrote:
> >
> > om
> > I was sooo adicted to this mud about a year ago... :P
> Is MUD a complex system ( I've never used it ) ? I mean, would it take
> long to build it from scratch? It's kind of a neccessity for me to write
> it in TOOL. ( Which, by the way, is in the final stages of creation :)
> > I thought of dozens of improvements to it including a full gui without
> > sacrificing telnet compatability... I'd be happy to work on it, or at least
> > design it. A mud can be picked up at www.rom.org I think... It shouldn't be too
> > hard to allow the clients to build rooms, and reassign the parameters so it
> > would be usable for other applications. :)
> I'd love to see design ideas.

UniOS is another project started entirely on the premise of making better games
(kinda like biologists who go into the science to make better weed :)

Some Mud's are somewhat complex, if you'd like to try a good one telnet to:
realms.game.org port 4000  (lots of users to interact with). I have the source code
for that one called Smaug, it is written in C, and is quite large (although I have
not looked at the code yet).

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