Evaluation Subproject proposal

Tom Novelli tcn@clarityconnect.com
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 15:51:58 -0500

Evaluation subproject

Goal: Keep the Tunes project on track.
 * Review current and previous activities, and summarize them
 * Criticize the Tunes project (what's good? what isn't?)
 * Make suggestions for improvement

This should be a rather terse subproject, in keeping with the goal.  Think
of it as maintaining a to-do list.  We'll sift through the archives and
highlight any good ideas we find, especially ideas that have been forgotten. 
Also, if we're wasting our time with something, this is the place to say so.

I proposed it, so I volunteer to run it :)  I'll set up and maintain the web
pages for it.  Anyone who wants to add something to it can either do it
themselves via CVS, or email me if they don't want to muck around with CVS.

The first thing to go in the Evaluation subproject will be a summary of the
mailing lists.  I started summarizing tunes-lll today, and I realized that
the various mailing lists all blend together, along with the web pages, IRC
discussions, and programs (and comments)... hence, we'd be better off just
summarizing EVERYTHING, and throw in our opinions while we're at it.

Tom Novelli <tcn@tunes.org>