Birkas Mate mate@c3.hu
Sat, 29 May 1999 21:34:58 +0200


my name is Mate Birkas, and i am new to this list, or i can say i do not
use to contribute, while i started reading it since a couple of month ago.
I didn't want to join the conversation until i find that i see clearly the
state of the TUNES project. Now i think i got a guess about what is going

I am working on my own project called mu, and it was not a question, that
it have a lot to do with TUNES. So i found it very nice, that here or
around your project people can share their ideas and even work side by
side, head by head in his or her own(!) computing dream. I think not all
of these projects will succeed, or survive the hardest years of childhood,
but i think it would be a big mistake not to listen to each others ideas
and experiences, even if there are novices around or worse: questions.

I had very similar feelings and thoughts as Maneesh had while i've read
the letters in the list, but i really don't get the point, why does any
others work hurt him (you) so much, even if it's a lower level stuff like
Retro. If you are intrested in more abstract problems, why don't you
prototype your ideas in your favorite OS and see if some of the related
projects around TUNES can be used by you. I wouldn't choose Retro as a
working environment now, but i think it is a big possibility that some
people are working on it parallel to me. Maybe it's just becouse the
nature of my project, but i think not just...

An other point is that criticism can be blessing if it is said and treated
in the right way, and forgive me if i repeat myself, but i think Maneesh
has right eyes (not style) for the problems of the project.


ps: there is more time than distance