Where Tunes is going.

Tom Novelli tcn@clarityconnect.com
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 22:53:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999 shapj@us.ibm.com wrote:

> Brian:
> I have been subjected to your whining for several months now.  On the one
> hand, this note is a negative response to your childish behavior on this
> list.  However, it includes some concrete suggestions for things you might
> do that would simulataneously reduce your frustration and improve your
> effectiveness.  These are not suggestions about Tunes.  They are
> suggestions about interacting with people.  I think they may help Tunes go
> forward.
> Based on your behavior in this list, I conjecture that you have done
> something rather different.  I suspect that you have charged in, said "you
> folks are all wet and why don't you help me do this thing I don't quite
> know how to explain" and gotten the response that such an opening deserves.
> The hardest problems are people management, not engineering.

What you're saying is that Brian's full of himself, eh?  Strikes people as
arrogant, condescending, something like that.  I wouldn't be surprised if
he interrupts people, finishes their sentences, distracts them, and
doesn't give them a chance to talk.  Or maybe he shows too much
negativity... that's a problem I have.  (I find it helps to avoid things
that stress me out - bureaucracy, boredom, shopping, school, anal people,


You've overpromoted your project, and done it wrong at that.  First of
all, you'd get your ideas across better in person (with plenty of
sketching on paper or blackboard).  I'm afraid technology isn't gonna help
you here.  If you have a hard time getting along with people in real life,
why don't you work on that?  And for Christ's sake don't tell people all
about your project... keep it to yourself.  "Yeah, I'm into math and
computers a little" is all they need to know, unless they say otherwise.  
Meet enough people and you'll find some who are interested... and the
could be anywhere, not necessarily at the university or a software company
or the local geek club..

Just my 2 cents.  If I pissed you off, lighten up Francis :)

Tom Novelli