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Wed, 5 Apr 2000 11:19:34 -0700

From: Jason Marshall [mailto:jmarsh@serv.net]

>My current focus is on a GC framework (rather than a one-size-fits-all

That sounds interesting -- keep us up to date, please.

>I will continue to look, but unfortunately one of my weaknesses 
>is that I am incredibly stubborn about some things on occasion, and one
>of those is OOP, as broken as all known instances are.

Grin.  That's fine.

>are avoided.  Multiple inheritance of type is a much smaller quagmire 
>than is
>MI of implementation.  Java kinda, sorta, came within the neighborhood 
>of getting the right idea, but then punted on the execution.  
>Well, great.   You
>have MI of type, but you hardly used it, because your implementation of
>method dispatch is so biased, and you made a bunch of speed related
>implementation decisions long before you had a mature VM.  Would you
>like a prize for that?

Sort of.  I don't think Java did a very good thing -- but I do like what
Sather did.  They completely seperated interface and implementation
inheritance; when you inherit from a class you're only inheriting its type
and declaring that you will support its interface.  In order to borrow code
from it, you have to specifically "import" the code from inside the class