I need a message-goto object language

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel@tunes.org
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:09:19 -0300

Just one slight correction and two comments:
> >  (in c/c++, the languages that I am
> > most familier with, you can tell the compiler that a function may never
> > return by declaring it volatile, I think).

You are probably thinking of "void", which tells the compiler that the
return value must not be used (originally C returned integers by
default and this lead to some bad programming practices).

"volatile" means that the information stored in a certain variable
might change without your program doing anything (an I/O register, for

> > The general vibe that I have allways picked up on is that functional
> > programing is superior.  Then again, maybe It would be usefull for
> > something, and I dont know what I'm talking about.
> Yes,  but does functional programming have methods and/or notations,
> something like UML for OOP?

Functional programming tends to use formal text notations rather than
graphical ones. It has a very "mathematical flavor" to it, which is why
it is popular with academic people (specially in Europe).

> > One word: Continuations
> >
> Yes, I think I heard about it in Scheme, but it looked something weird
> back then.
> I'll take a deeper look on this, but I think you're right, because I do
> assume that the state of each box is remembered between each 'calls',
> thanks!

Continuations allow you to build your own control structures, including
ones that never return to their caller.

-- Jecel