volatile function, searching C--

Paul Dufresne ace910@agora.ulaval.ca
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 04:47:50 -0400

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:

> Just one slight correction and two comments:
> > >  (in c/c++, the languages that I am
> > > most familier with, you can tell the compiler that a function may never
> > > return by declaring it volatile, I think).
> You are probably thinking of "void", which tells the compiler that the
> return value must not be used (originally C returned integers by
> default and this lead to some bad programming practices).
> "volatile" means that the information stored in a certain variable
> might change without your program doing anything (an I/O register, for
> example).

I did some net search, and I did found volatile variables, that are like you
say, but I also found volatile
functions that are functions that do not return, just like it was said. But I
did not try it.

I find quite hard to use search engines to find "c--" because they seems not
to recognize the - char and
give results with c- or c rather than c--. So if someone have the link, I'd
appreciate to have it. Or just give
me the name of a search engine that handle "c--" correctly.