TUNES development startup

Emmanuel Marty
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 08:17:19 +0200

Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

> Dear Tunespeople,
>    I'm in contact with various people to found a startup company that
> would develop TUNES. Any advice, contact, funding, idea, etc, is welcome.
> We're particularly trying to define
> 1) a business plan.
> 2) a development schedule.
> The idea would be to raise funds thanks to an early prototype,
> so that the path to such a prototype is important, and advice is sought.
> Once funding is found, we can afford hiring some people almost full time
> on the project with a decent salary...

How much funding are you looking at, and for how long of a period? What
would be exactly the short-term goal of the startup? (I know you will answer
all of that in the BP, but you must have some sort of idea).

Take notice that we're about to enter the 'dead period' - ie. the summer ; after
the end of june, most VC's will probably not handle business plans until
september again. I suppose you need that much time to wrap it up anyway..

There are quite a few good, imaginative VC's who understand technology, on the
parisian place, if you setup a real project and team you should make it.