eos! =P

Alan Grimes alangrimes@starpower.net
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 19:44:31 -0500


Hmmzers... We already have a very popular and well developed application
system written in "E-lisp". Yep, I am talking about Esmacks, one of the two
acursed evil uniks editors... (I hate emacs *and* VI a thousand times more
than I do any version of windows, if such is immaginable.)

Nevertheless we have a robust if aging code-base on which to finish off a
self-hosting EOS. =P 

What I am getting at is that while I don't have enuff experience with this
stuff to know what I am doing, it does offer a road towards a first
generation product that can be brought to market on the chep. (only a few
tens of millions rather than hundreds). What I am talking about is a
top-to-bottom Elisp box running on a team of ch34p MIPS processors (or
similar). All for $500 or less! =) 

Anyway I want to be in business ASAP and be in stores by Q3, 2002. =)

Lemme know what you think... 

Meept: The ultimate Phlisophy.

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