Lendvai, Attila 101. attila.lendvai@encorus.com
Wed Jul 31 03:16:01 2002


i just want to inform you/ask for opinions about a job offer i got. i
will be working with Charles Simonyi (of m$) on a post Intentional
Programming project. it will be his own startp company, as far as i can
see, probably with some kind of m$ backing.

it will be 10 of us, 4 in hungary for the startup. i will get plain $'s
at the beginning (noting else offered currently), around $3000 before
taxes, and if i'm wise at the talks! (damn, i should move to the US...)

the project will be focused on some tunes-ish ideas, but with a much
more focused view on developing development environments. the basis will
be something like this: define high level intentions (~specification) in
a tree-like structure, and then an engine transforms it until you can
generate some code at the end that can run on a given system (with
predefined + user written transformers (in various languages)). it will
be based on APL over trees (instead of matrices), if it means something
for you guys. things like domain specific languages, generative
programming, and all that of the IP stuff... as far as i can see now,
it's much less then tunes in power, but something useful that can be
done in a realistic timeframe.

i don't know much more, and i shouldn't tell any more if i knew after
all, but i would be happy if you could drop a few lines if you have some
toughts to share.

what i'm afraid of is that i won't be able to work on tunes for years if
i sign their contract (haven't seen it yet). and also i feel that i'm
way too cheap to add any knowledge i got from here or anywhere else.
well, it's easy to manage that: i will be an implementation guy, so i
can easily act as a brainless coder if i feel so...

but i have no experinece in these things, i'm only 24 with 1 year of a
brainless coder job.

thanks in advance,

- 101.

ps: Water, i've read the irc logs (no irc from my company)... could you
drop one or two lines about that new language/compiler? maybe a link to
something to play with...