Slate implementation in progress

Brian Rice
Mon Mar 18 12:50:02 2002

Hi all,
I have a small amount of source code accumulating towards a complete 
Slate interpreter, using Common Lisp, posted at It's all really generic 
CLTL2-compatible, although I've been considering using PROVIDE and 
REQUIRE instead of the dreaded package system, so it's very portable.

At any rate, you can see some comments and the overall structure of 
the algorithms. If anyone has any questions or comments, please make 

My best estimate for reaching a usable release is that another week 
or two should be enough. After that, it will reach a beta state, and 
I will accept bug reports and feature suggestions. I see no need to 
use CVS until there is actual concurrent development, and even then 
I'd prefer something lisp-based or PRCS.