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Joerg F. Wittenberger Joerg F. Wittenberger" <
Mon Mar 18 17:52:01 2002

Brian Rice <> writes:

> There's a Bigloo Scheme based document write-up system called Scribe
> at which outputs modularly to LaTeX
> and HTML as well as a couple of other formats, which seems very expressive and
> efficient. It allows for CGI form generation, has an Apache module, and is a

Everything is ok with Scribe (actually I considered a port to askemos,
as askemos somehow is about documentation).

Only I fail to see, what the advantage of yet another markup language
for text would be.

It is just too easy to come up with yet another processing model which
than suddenly imposes yet another data model.  What's needed is
something, which doesn't require any special knowledge from the

To my understanding anything, which does not natively map to some
xml/html and needs anything than http to interface with should be
considered only as a second option even if it's superior at some

> full scheme language, so arbitrary expressions can be used to generate output
> (for dynamic page generation). I should also mention that support of
> continuations is known to be particularly useful in web-serving, and that some
> new Common Lisp tools are emerging which make using that advantage fairly
> easy.

BTW: here I strongly aggree.  See the Askemos way of progamm
structure.  Even people without an idea what a continuation is use
them heavily because they find it an easy to understand and general
concept to express state in a stateless asynch. environment (albeit
the only one there).


The worst of harm may often result from the best of intentions.