TUNES Specs mailing list

Brian T Rice
Sun Apr 6 15:45:03 2003

Until you contribute some useful feedback to the specification, it doesn't
matter to me either way what you think. My main goal is to foster some
discussion about this, so it doesn't matter to me whether 4 dozen or 10
dozen lurkers listen to the conversation.

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, Tom Novelli wrote:

> Yeah, I'm interested.. I'm getting over my cynicism.  Keep the discussion
> here; the volume is low enough.  Tunes-specs and tunes-lll should be
> retired.. and all those dead projects like unios and ultra, for that matter!
> Maybe we wouldn't be here today trying to define just what Tunes is, if the
> project hadn't been broken up in the first place :) Oh well.

No, that really had nothing to do with it. Major absences by the leading
members and a lack of real initiative and due diligence were far greater

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development