RFC: TUNES Specification Pre-Pre-Draft

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Mon Apr 7 00:48:04 2003

My apologies for Armin for sending this out before my next reply to him is
ready to go, but I have substantially updated the specification documents.

This is also an announcement to the specifications mailing list that a new
effort is in progress, and invites your comments and criticisms.

I would like some feedback on the organization of every area, the choices
of terms, and the logical content of the sections.

Probably a good point to start with on the logical content would be
section 2.1: Overall Requirements of the System. These need to be
specified in a very rigorous way without creating for us an impossible
task of interpretation or satisfaction. Someone suggested off the list
that these requirements looked impossible, but couldn't elaborate, so I
need people to scrutinize this version of the main Tunes page at
http://tunes.org/tunes.html. Let's see how we can turn it into a precise
set of criteria to code against.

Again, my published copies of the document are at:


Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development