RFC: TUNES Specification Pre-Pre-Draft

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Wed Apr 9 01:51:01 2003

As a follow-up, I have altered the formatting of the specification
document to make it more clear. Now, small-caps style will be used to
specify where the exact definition of a given specification term is used
instead of a general use of the term. Hopefully it will eventually be more
clear by removing informal uses of the same terms as we define, just so
it's easy to tell what's meant.

I have also made the specification documents easier to find. They are now


so you can tell what the current revision dates are, and grab your
favorite format, and such. I'd like to enter this into TUNES CVS at some
point, but the LyX format makes it a little less accessible for people to
edit (requiring a specific tool), and also the document isn't anywhere
near some position where we can democratically work on it without getting
into coherency issues. Does anyone feel strongly on this either way?

It does seem noisy to announce revisions this way to the mailing list, but
then again, I don't know if any more than a handful of people are
following TUNES CVS either. :-/

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development