Your remarks on the Wiki
Tue Apr 22 11:30:02 2003

Kyle Lahnakoski wrote:
> Massimo Dentico wrote:
>> I would appreciate much if people which have declared publicly of not
>> believing in his objectives, or that think that these are not desirable,
>> stop trying to dissolve this project.
>> ...
>> What I think inadmissible is this attempt, in a so deceitful way, to
>> prevent other from pursuing these objectives, trying to transforming
>> this project in another thing or even suggesting to dissolve it.
> Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
>> 2.) Erm, TUNES is a project- why should we change TUNES just because
>> some people can't agree with its vision?
> My apologies if I was not clear. I am not advocating the dissolution of
> the TUNES project, nor do I disagree with Fare’s or Brian’s technical
> objectives. I am advocating a community-building scheme. I do not see
> how that would interfere with current Tunes efforts.


I was not responding directly to you, my e-mail was quite general and the
intention was to avoid the impression that I was "attacking" someone in

I have never noted a comment by you against one of the Tunes objectives;
for others that's not true and these others are even *members*. My rationale
is that does not make sense to be part of a project of which you (in
*not* you, Kyle) do not share the objectives.

> Massimo Dentico wrote:
>> Why worry about the hermetic style of communication which sometimes
>> Brian has?
> Because:
> 1) The TUNES site does not have the answers to newbie and (mostly)
> intermediate questions.
> 2) TUNES has a distinct lack of experts (either absent or difficult to
> understand)
> 3) TUNES has a large quantity of kicking and dismissive statements

My was a rhetorical question! The part that you don't cite makes
it clear:

> Massimo Dentico wrote:
>> Wake up, folk! Because he is the only person interested to
>> this project that has the necessary competences and has shown
>> to devote a constant attention to its coordination and advancement.

Or do you think that our answers are so different?

> If this is what the TUNES administration wants, then that is fine. But
> it makes invitations, like “Our mailing lists are open to anyone”,
> ironic and deceptive. There is about one newbie a month that falls for
> this TUNES “invitation”. Maybe a disclaimer is in order: “Please submit
> resume along with mailing list application. Only those with masters
> degree in CS, or equivalent need apply”

No Kyle, sorry but your observations are really partial. Have a look
at this Cliki node:

This is emblematic of a general trend: people come and comment about
this project, treating us as incompetent idiots, after reading a tiny
part of documentation, if at all. This "background noise" is really

This enough for now.

Best regards.

Massimo Dentico