Your remarks on the Wiki
Tue Apr 22 15:02:02 2003

Listen closely--
>> This is emblematic of a general trend: people come and comment about
>> this project, treating us as incompetent idiots, after reading a tiny
>> part of documentation, if at all. This "background noise" is really
>> annoying.
> This "background noise" is possibly the future of TUNES, waiting to figure
> out what you are all about, and how they can contribute...
> Back to being background, not-noise
> ~David

Quoting from the bottom of Microkernel CTO node:


   The author above is showing a fundamental lack of understanding of how
   microkernel architecture works.

Do you think that this is a fair comment? Waiting to figure out what
we are all about implies jumping to unfounded conclusions *before*
to understand?

In case you are the author of such "Response to Criticism", why not simply
ask and pointing out where the documentation is not clear so that we can
improve it? Is it clear now that we are against the concept of OSes kernels
in general and that monolithic vs micro-kernels is a false dichotomy  for

Note that all this is not occasional, but systematic: people come up on
#tunes IRC channel and ask, for example, if we are pro static or pro dynamic
type systems, which is another false dichotomy. Then assume an arrogant tone
when is not satisfied with the replay. Then Brian loses his patience
.... the result is shown in this nice graphic by Kyle.

Yes, we are ugly, dirty and evil. We are a bunch of assholes around
the world which are trying to realize the vision of a mad libertarian
French. But then ...... why worry??

[I hope that no Tunes member, Faré included, will be offendend by this
self sarcastic characterization.]

At the same time don't take all this (our varying humor) *too* seriously.
I suggest the reading of this fine and humorous essay on CTO, by SkrjabLin
which is at the same time the inceptor and main author of the Learning


My best regards Tunesers and lurkers.

Massimo Dentico