Review of TUNES, arrow and the semantic web in the context of the introspector

James Michael DuPont
Sat Aug 30 02:43:02 2003

Dear Tuners,

After being accused (Rightfully) of not understanding tunes or doing my
homework, I have started from the beginning. The arrow system is the
first part of tunes that I think could have be grasped and processed by
an machine.  I am starting a very detailed review of TUNEs in the
context of the semantic web and the introspector project.

I have been reviewing the arrow philosophy file, and for this purpose,
I converted it to text,

PhilosophyText CHUMP entry

I am not done with this process, but as far as I can tell, arrow and
the semantic web are very related, more than noted in the tune cliki.
In fact, the definition of the MetaText seems to do a disservice to the
semantic web, I can only assume that this is because lack of deeper
MetaText  CHUMP

I have extracted the beginnings of an OWL ontology for the classes of
arrow here :

When I am finished reviewing arrow, then I can make the connection
between the semantic web and the arrow system. This will put the
introspector in context.

Specifically  : Based on the definition of MetaText, 
my hypothesis  is so far :
This is very similar to the work being done now by the introspector
project. The de/re-composable objects are in the introspector handled
by RDF gateways and de-reassemblers, not by rewriting everything in
lisp/smalltalk or someother funky language.


James Michael DuPont

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