Tunes metadiscussion

Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau <>
Mon Feb 24 16:50:02 2003

Dear Tunesers,

I'm a bit in a hurry, but I felt I had to pop in and say what follows.
I'm sorry that the discussion be mostly active on non-technical topics.

* I agree with Brian that Tunes per se should be focused
 on the technical side of things, barring any political digression.
 That's how it should be. Not untangling things at the start
 was just haste/laziness from me at the beginning.
 [Oh; and the word "Focused" sounds weird if you're like me reading
 Vernor Vinge's great scifi novel "A deepness in the sky".]

* That doesn't mean that I am dropping my other involvement,
 or the fact that I envision Tunes as part of a bigger picture
 -- and I am flattered and honored that many people here share this vision.
 But that's also why I created the Cybernethics mailing-list some time ago,
 so as not to pollute the Tunes project itself.
 I propose that interested people should join the list.
 [Is it easy to partition CLiki? If so, a Cybernethics cliki could be setup.]

* As for "membership":
 = the Charter was meant to end all the discussion about
  the decision process within the project. I think it does the job well.
 = it seems that the meaning of "member" used by the "member" page
  was misleading and harmed the project's image - this is now fixed, I hope,
  without the need of formal red tape.

* There are many activities listed on the CLiki - check those that seem
 most meaningful to you, and contact someone who knows as to how to help
 -- or suggest your own activity, if you have any bright idea.

Yours harmonically,

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