New terms of note

Brian T Rice
Thu Jan 9 23:56:02 2003

I spent tonight working out the notion of generalized dispatch as a
foundation or component of evaluation. So I added a couple of terms to
round out this concept, centering on:

and from there, the Rewrite node as well as Pattern-Matching and
Unification are relevant.

What's considerable about this is the ability to take this concept and
realize that it could be a modular component of some semantics. So, we
have reified a new term for Tunes that assists in the specification.

The other step that I wanted to complete was a similar system for parts of
Syntax, but this did not come together properly yet. And, no, Fare, I
don't want to hear about how syntax depends on semantics. This is known.
As I work out my analogue to the above concept, it should be clear what my
intent is.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development