Recent changes to cliki

Pietro Braione
Tue Jan 14 16:00:03 2003

I am post here some of my recent changes to the TUNES 
cliki, as the bug on cliki sw still prevents my changes to be 

- Added the Unununium operating system
- Added an Ontology entry in the glossary (perhaps should be 
checked and improved by someone)
- Added some style guidelines in the Text Formatting page
- Expanded the Linda entry under Languages
- Fixed some broken link here and there

I also have some proposal:

- make a "resource review", or something like, page where all 
the references to useful resources can be put (compilers, assemblers, 
code snippets like bootsectors not included in full-fledged OSes, 
tutorials, documentation on hardware and standards...)
- fix better some style guidelines; see the proposal I put in the 
Text Formatting page, which is mainly an acknowledgment of the 
current de facto standard at TUNES cliki.