Recent changes to cliki

Brian T Rice
Tue Jan 14 20:17:02 2003

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Pietro Braione wrote:

> I am post here some of my recent changes to the TUNES
> cliki, as the bug on cliki sw still prevents my changes to be
> reported.

Yeah, this is becoming a real problem. :(

I'll look into it, but it's odd to debug since it's working fine for me.

> - Added the Unununium operating system
> - Added an Ontology entry in the glossary (perhaps should be
> checked and improved by someone)
> - Added some style guidelines in the Text Formatting page
> - Expanded the Linda entry under Languages
> - Fixed some broken link here and there

Thanks. :)

I'll try to add some more about Ontologies... I have some decent material
on them in philosophy.

> I also have some proposal:
> - make a "resource review", or something like, page where all
> the references to useful resources can be put (compilers, assemblers,
> code snippets like bootsectors not included in full-fledged OSes,
> tutorials, documentation on hardware and standards...)

We're not near the point of needing that, and we barely have enough
competent volunteers to handle the most minimal bootstrap. So my vote is
"nay" until someone steps up to do this who understands the project goals

At any rate, a lot of this falls under the VM Review section, which
already exists.

> - fix better some style guidelines; see the proposal I put in the
> Text Formatting page, which is mainly an acknowledgment of the
> current de facto standard at TUNES cliki.

I don't see anything that looks like a proposal on that page, unless it's
been there for long enough that it's one which I've edited. (I've adjusted
almost all of the page's contents in some way or another.)

Please point out the relevant parts here if there hasn't been some
mistake. You can always use the attribute 'class="comment"' in a paragraph
or tag to say that you've added something. Which reminds me, I need to add
the notes on that attribute. :)

> Pietro

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development