Tunes metadiscussion

Joerg F. Wittenberger Joerg F. Wittenberger" <
Sat Mar 15 05:40:02 2003

> >  I propose that interested people should join the list.
> >  [Is it easy to partition CLiki? If so, a Cybernethics cliki could be setup.]
> I agree. About partitioning CLiki, we could run two separate CLiki
> instances within the same Lisp application, but the pages would not be
> sharable without some very strange editing semantics. Probably the
> simplest thing that would work would be to make a Cybernethics node on the
> CLiki and have that act as an "alternate" index to the Tunes CLiki, using
> its own topics and indices. This would take less work in terms of dividing
> up existing content and cross-site references. The disadvantage would be
> in the recording of editing changes.

The Wiki, which I'm using for the Askemos documentation (and some more
stuff based on it) has (to support this very "based on it" notion) a
way to stack Wikis on top of each other.  References, which can't be
resolved in one will be resolved in the more basic one, well loops are
permitted, but than it doesn't make sense to speak about "based on"
relations.  The different wikis just need a different template design
to make clear to the reader where they are.


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