What I've learned so far...

Tom Novelli tom@tunes.org
Sun Mar 23 15:35:03 2003

On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 01:58:15AM +0100, Massimo Dentico wrote:
> In responding to a comment by Jeff Cutsinger, alias Seaslug, about your
> paper I have written a rebuttal regarding the supposed inherent slowness
> of Forth wrt C.
> This is probably of general interest so I post the link here:
>  http://cliki.tunes.org/Forth%20is%20NOT%20intrinsically%20slow
> Regards.
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> Massimo Dentico

I stand by my conclusion.  C translates directly to Forth, but some really
easy optimizations are done in the process.  Types make this possible, and
infix syntax helps a little also.  For an equal effort, C is faster.  It's
also easier to read and maintain.  I won't be drawn into a holy war.  I'm
just saying Forth has no place in Tunes.

Tom Novelli