New morphism glossary entry

Brian T Rice
Tue May 6 21:30:01 2003

I've added the term "morphism" to enhance our explanation for the
relevance of category theory and algebraic design in TUNES. See:

I've also added a node explaining induction vs. co-induction to assist in
understanding, and modified the 101-course for category theory to point
out the name "morphism".

I'm not looking for ridiculously-rigorous definitions, since those can be
had on many other web sites and research papers, but instead to explain
the relevance in particular to what we're developing.

I'm also noticing that we will need to make use of these concepts soon to
get past where we are now with the site, prototypes, and specification.

Any thoughts? Category theory experts are welcome to assist in editing. I
may ask a patron or two from Lambda the Ultimate to help out as well.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development