[OT] We need a language

James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Fri May 30 09:03:02 2003

--- Jeff Cutsinger <seaslug@tunes.org> wrote:
> Alaric B Snell <alaric@alaric-snell.com> said:
> > James Michael DuPont wrote:
> > > "True greatness is measured by how much freedom you give to
> others, not
> > > by how much you can coerce others to do what you want. "
> > > Larry Wall "Perl, the first postmodern computer language"
> > > http://www.wall.org/~larry/pm.html
> This doesn't change the fact that perl sucks :P


> The important thing here is to give the programmer freedom, so I
> agree with
> Larry Wall in that respect. But freedom implies not the absence of
> rules, but
> rather their optional presence.

hehe, well perl has come a long way since you formed your opinion about
it. It is possible to add in strict typeing and checking using optional
modules and flags.

I am not saying that perl does not suck, i dont think it does, but i
can  see that many people think that. Perl is great for prototyping,
the problem is that you cannot migrate it into a fully static program
easily. So in the end you are stuck....


James Michael DuPont

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